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Top Thirteen Ways To Heal A Cold

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My Top Thirteen Ways To Heal A Cold The Holistic Way holisticmedicine

Sunday night my youngest Carsyn, was up all night coughing. I kid you not. I maybe got an hour of sleep that night. My goal yesterday was to catch up on sleep and cure Carsyn. My husband and I were both exhausted and couldn’t do another night of no sleeping. I’m happy to say that today, she is back in school and woke up super happy. Her nose was clear and her cough was almost non existent. I also received a solid 8 hours of sleep. YAY! Gold star for Mommy!

I really wanted to put a list of all the tricks and tools I use to heal colds in our house. I don’t care how healthy you think you or your children are, we’re all bound to get sick at some point; especially if your kiddos are just starting out in school.

If miracles are a shift in perception, then we should all view sickness as just another way our body uses to communicate with us. The beauty is that instead of masking the symptoms, we can talk back to our bodies by supplying them with the healing they need.

Raw Honey and Cinnamon

Most supermarket honey is pasteurized (read: heated) in order to save us from bacteria.  In the process, beneficial enzymes in honey are killed as well.  If you can find a source of raw honey, especially if it’s local (within 100 miles), get some!  Around here our health food store and farmer’s market are two great sources. Raw honey is Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral and Anti-Fungul. That’s right folks, it’s truly nature’s antibiotic. It’s been used for ages to treat many diseases.  Loaded with anti-oxidants, a spoonful of raw honey and cinnamon is excellent in treating coughs and upper respiratory infections.  Take one tablespoon raw honey with 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon for 3 days to strengthen the immune system and fight off infection.


ear-oilEar Oil

Ear oil is by far the coolest trick I learned about at my nutrition school. An ancient Ayurvedic technique, ear oil is best kept secret of all holistic doctors in preventing and treating colds and ear infections.  It’s purpose is to lubricate the eustachian tubes & cervical lymph. The garlic reduces inflammation. I’ve tried a few different brands and my favorite is Herb Pharm Mullein Garlic Compound.  My youngest daughter hates having it done, but I give her a choice: “Do you want ear oil or the doctor?” The choice is always ear oil. One of the teachers from my nutrition school, Ayurvedic doctor John Douillard, has a nice write up on the benefits and application process of ear oil.


breathe-easyHomemade Chest Rub

I’m going to break a few hearts right now but Vick’s Vapor Rub is some nasty stuff. Eek! Dr. Bruce K. Rubin, a professor of pediatrics at Wake Forest University's Brenner Children’s Hospital in Winston-Salem, N.C., conducted a study that found Vicks VapoRub irritates the nasal passageways, actually increasing mucus production. In small children, this increased mucus can constrict airways and cause potentially dangerous side effects such as choking.  It also contains camphor, which is a known irritant. A much better solution is to mix some organic coconut oil with a few drops of yummy Breathe Easy Synergy Blend for a homemade and SAFE chest and foot rub.


cold-calmBorion Cold Calm

If you could bottle the answer to my prayers, it would look like this. Cold Calm is amazing!! I was totally skeptical at first, but believe me, it works. They have Kid’s Cold Calm too!  This homeopathic medicine works naturally to eliminate the symptoms of a common cold. It is super fast acting when taken at the onset of symptoms. The best part is that this product has no side effects, no drug interactions, no contraindications, and no "masking" of symptoms. It just gets the job done. Period.  I think you should make it a part of your life. Carsyn was on it all day yesterday and today she's a new child.


Steam Your Sinuses

One of my favorite things do when our kiddos are sick is put a big pot water on the stove and add a few essential oil drops. I like the Breathe Easy Synergy Blend that I mentioned above. It’s a delicious blend of Peppermint, Rosemary, Lemon and Eucalyptus essential oils. Be still my heart!  Cover with a lid and bring to a boil. Remove from heat, take off the cover, put your head under a towel and breathe in the fumes of this amazing sinus opening all-natural healing wonder. Careful when you remove the lid though! I don’t want to get sued because you burned your pretty little face.


Green Juice

I know. I know. I am OBSESSED with green juice. (I actually want to have a St. Patty’s Day party where we all hang out and drink green juice! Oxymoron?)  Not only is it tasty, but it is super alkalizing and contains many healing properties. While my children still believe green juice is nasty, they will drink raw apple and carrot juice. The reason it works is simple; a cold virus (or any disease for that matter) cannot live in a an alkaline environment! All fruits and veggies in their raw state are full of alkalizing properties.  When I was starting to get sick, I did a five day cleanse, and within two days I was feeling amazing again! My sore throat was gone and my sinuses were clear.  I was feeling like a bad ass.  I'm pretty sure Chuck Norris was wearing pajamas with my face on them. I swear they should call it miracle juice!


Apple Cider Vinegar

If you don’t have a juicer, apple cider vinegar is the next best tool for alkalizing your system and reducing inflammation. (Good luck getting your kids to drink it though. It is strong) 1 tablespoon in 8 ounces of water, 3 times a day. Woo-Hoo! I like Bragg’s Raw Organic Apple Cider Vingear. Make sure it’s raw.



No, not the after dinner drink. For centuries the dark berries of European black elder (Sambucus nigra L.) have been traditionally used as a winter remedy. In recent years, medical researchers have proven its efficacy. This super yummy Virologist developed and clinically tested black elderberry syrup has extracts of echinacea, propolis, zinc, and vitamin C. I swear it should come in a hot pink glitter bottle. It’s that cool. It boosts the immune system and shortens the duration of the common old. You can also use it for prevention. My kids love it. I give it to them in shot glasses but you can also mix it with water. (Please don’t call CPS on me.)


Take A Bath

I’m starting to sound like your mother now aren’t I? Run a hot bath. It opens pores and prepares body for cleansing.  Add one cup of food-grade hydrogen peroxide (3%). This oxygenates the body and helps purge toxins. Viruses cannot live in a oxygenated environment.  It’s also antibacterial and antiviral.  Add two ounces of ground ginger, a natural anti-inflammatory that increases blood circulation and helps promote the elimination of toxins through sweat.  You can even throw some epson salt and baking soda in there. Soak for about 30 minutes. preferably to 80’s music (healing and energy boosting!)  Make sure to drink lots of water to replenish what’s being pulled out of your system.


Cut Out Dairy

Dairy is highly overrated in our society. Clever (see deceptive) marketing and people’s deep-rooted belief that we need milk for calcium, has led to many problems in our country. Did you know that dairy turns to mucus once inside your body? The last thing you want to be adding to your body when you’re sick is mucus. The mucus problem is associated with the fact that 87 percent of milk protein is casein. To give you a lasting visual, casein is the main ingredient in Elmer’s Glue. Nasty huh? I actually helped a client cure his asthma and get off his meds and inhaler simply by cutting dairy out of his diet.



All health starts in our gut and without good bacteria like those found in probiotics, we cannot fight off sickness.  Any imbalance in these bacteria can lead to digestive issues, yeast infections,  the flu and colds. You can take a probiotic supplement to help your body replenish it’s good bacteria. Even grocery stores carry them now. I always load up on Kombuca- a fermented raw tea loaded with probitics. My kids love it too which makes my heart super happy. My favorite is the Synergy and The Botanic #7.


Rest Up and Drink Up

OK, back to Common Sense 101. When we are sick, we need rest and water to replenish our systems. Our daily lives are so busy, we can often forget to do both of these crucial things. While rest is very much based on bio-individuality, a good rule of thumb for water is to drink half your body weight in ounces.

Thieves Essential Oil

I recently learned about this amazing little bottle of oil and had to add it to this list. While it doesn't say it on the bottle, I swear Thieves oil is part fairy dust and magic. Thieves is a poweful anitmicrobial blend based on the legend of 15th century theives who used clove, rosemary, and other aromatics to protect themselves while robbing plague victims. Thieves is known for it's ability to boost the immune system and eliminate bacteria. I use Thieves Young Living Essential Oil because it's pure and potent. Rub a few drops on the bottom of your feet at the first sign of a cold. You can also place a few drops inside a capsule and swallow daily for extra immunity support.

These suggestions may seem like a lot of work, but I encourage you to look at these healing options as an investment in your health and the health of your children. I feel like I'm holding onto a precious secret everytime I cure my kiddos. I'm so happy to be sharing that secret with you!!

Cheers to good health!

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  • Comment Link Rachel Johnson Monday, 27 February 2012 00:50 posted by Rachel Johnson

    Hi Karin!!

    Thank you so much for your comment!! I truly love hearing others' experiences with ear oil. It's a miracle treatment for sure!!! I hope to meet you in Cali. Let's make it happen :)

  • Comment Link Karin Olsen Wednesday, 22 February 2012 17:16 posted by Karin Olsen

    Garlic oil saved my daughter from having ear tubes! After many months of antibiotics (never again) the doctor said we had to go to the last resort. I took her to a chiropractor who taught me how to thump on her Thymus to stimulate white blood cells and massage her neck to facilitate drainage. A few drops of garlic oil later (the next day) her ear infection was gone. I should have broken up with that doctor at the time, but four years later finally ended our relationship when he couldn't diagnose pneumonia and put us through a scary and unnecessary hospital stay. I'm going to be at the Long Beach event next month and hope to meet you there! Thank you for your blog - very well-written:)

  • Comment Link Rachel Thursday, 09 February 2012 04:41 posted by Rachel

    Yes, Jess, the garlic smell is undeniable but I still LOVE the stuff. I choose garlic too! I'm so glad you found the post helpful. I look up to you and your work so much!

    Denise, you know my sense of humor :) A little New Kids On The Block Never Hurt Anyone!

    Thanks for the comments ladies!

  • Comment Link Denise Thursday, 09 February 2012 02:11 posted by Denise

    I can agree with everything you said except for that 80's noise errr. music being healing. Ricky Nelson is much more relaxing and healing. If you have a poster you can look at while you are soaking it is so much more healing and relaxing.

  • Comment Link Jessica Wednesday, 08 February 2012 23:48 posted by Jessica

    This is a great article, Rachel! I learned a lot! Thanks for sharing. And love that ear oil, except it makes you smell hideously like garlic. Ah well, when choosing ear infection or smelling like garlic, I choose garlic! :)

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